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The Ant was at the beach…

March 28, 2009

Another one of the ants left the anthill and went east. Angela and her family took AcrobatAnt to the beach in Florida for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Hope you enjoy the travels of AcrobatAnt.

AcrobatAnt at the beach

AcrobatAnt at the beach

He was also at poolside…

AcrobatAnt at the hotel pool

AcrobatAnt at the hotel pool

He went to spring training games…

AcrobatAnt at the spring baseball games

AcrobatAnt at the spring baseball games

He even got to go to SeaWorld!

AcrobatAnt at SeaWorld

AcrobatAnt at SeaWorld

He is safely back at home now in Tulsa and can’t wait to get back to the office.
Doing great work for great clients!

Oh, those traveling ants…

March 23, 2009

We are going to start posting the Ants traveling around the country either for fun or work… We thought it was a great way to keep up with the Ants.

Diane was the first one to push outside of the anthill. The whole family took off for the Ozarks and Silver Dollar City. It sounds like the adults had as much fun as the kids!

The AcrobatAnt was visiting Silver Dollar City with Diane and the kids.

The AcrobatAnt was visiting Silver Dollar City with Diane and the kids.

Then the ant got into big trouble…

The AcrobatAnt is in the jailhouse now!

The AcrobatAnt is in the jailhouse now!

Luckily the kids bailed the ant out and he made it back home safe and sound. He is ready for more adventures so stay tuned…

Social Marketing: why?

March 20, 2009

Social marketing is all the rage these days. All over the news and the Internet. It is not rocket science but it should be viewed as something that your company should step into gently and with professional help. Having the intern working on social marketing for your company could spell disaster for you and your brand. A few little mistakes will live on and online forever. If done correctly and with the right supervision it could lead to great things about you and your company. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Here are a few good reasons that should help convince you to try social marketing:

  • It helps manage your company’s and brand’s reputation
  • Builds brand awareness and helps improve how people view your brand
  • Offers creative and effective ways to learn about your clients
  • Offers new and inexpensive ways to support your clients
  • Can offer various ways to measure and track performance

Why not try it?

The Ants are all over it:

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Failure to communicate?

March 3, 2009

Corporations previously dished out advertising and products and customers were expected to passively receive the messages and then love the products. However, times have changed. Customers no longer want to passively sit on their couch and be told what to do. Customers realize they have a voice and they want to use it. So, companies do market research and crunch some numbers. And, ah-ha, they realize that customer’s do not want black model-Ts anymore.

Companies think they understand their customers; they begin to offer brown and blue Model-Ts. They do their best to appeal to their ‘secondary market.’ Some companies even have the resources to reach their tertiary market. Customers should appreciate their effort to speak to them, right? Wrong. Customers are smarter than you think – they are smarter than we think. The company’s efforts to get connected to their ‘markets’ are viewed as hypocrisy. Each customer responds to the company’s efforts with a unanimous, “You don’t know me.” Customers are not a market or even a target demographic. Customers are real people and they don’t want a model-T, no matter what color it is.

Jane wants a green SUV. Fred wants a blue compact. Jake wants a white truck. Sue wants a pink jeep. They have wants. They have needs. How is the company supposed to know what Jane wants versus what Sue wants? Simple. Listen. They want to tell everyone. Customers are accustomed to communicating their wants in real time – all the time; blogs, texts, DVR, Satellite radio, social sites, emails, and even online games. We are all constantly communicating. But, is anyone listening?

Let the customers choose how they want communicate. Give them options. More than options; give them a way to communicate back to you quickly. Technology allows almost instant communication from the company to a consumer. Likewise, the company should allow for the customer to reciprocate that communication. Just like in marriage counseling 101; it’s not really communication unless both parties are speaking and listening.

So, be creative. With every communication going out from your company, ask yourself, “What communication do I want back from my customer (or prospect) and how do I want them to give it?” If you don’t get feedback, maybe you’re not asking the right question or giving the right feedback channel. Remember, they may not want a model-T at all.


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